Search For Burgers

  1. Do This My Way by BLACKALICIOUS
  2. Shake Your Rump by BEASTIE BOYS
  3. Crewed Up by ATMOSPHERE
  4. Gracias by AVENTURA
  5. Cowgirl (Lil' Mama) by AARON CARTER

Search For French Fries

  1. I Died by BIF NAKED
  2. Bull Session With 'Big Daddy' by BEACH BOYS
  3. Step In Da Club by BABY BASH
  4. The Lonesome Kicker by ADAM SANDLER
  5. Clay by ATMOSPHERE
  6. The Adventures Of The Cow by ADAM SANDLER
  7. If French Fries Were Fat Free by ALAN JACKSON

Search For Tacos

  1. 5 Letras by ALEXIS Y FIDO
Tacos ALEXIS Y FIDO 5 Letras

Search For Hot Dog

  1. Palisades Park by BEACH BOYS
  2. Hollywood Freaks by BECK
  3. I Love America by ALICE COOPER
  4. Is That You Mo-Dean? by B-52'S, THE
  5. John Blaze by BIG PUNISHER
  6. The Things That Hate Us by ATMOSPHERE
  7. Ms. Martin by BIG PUNISHER
  8. B-Boy Bouillabaisse by BEASTIE BOYS
  9. Hot Pants Explosion by B-52'S, THE
  10. Posse In Effect by BEASTIE BOYS

Search For Pizza

  1. On The Tequila by ALANIS MORISSETTE
  2. Cannon by ASHER ROTH
  3. Long Distance by BIG 10-4
  4. Santa Monica Dream by ANGUS AND JULIA STONE
  5. Memory Lane by ADAM SANDLER
  6. Pull Me Apart by ANDROIDS
  7. Claire's Ninth by BEN FOLDS
  8. Kick My Ass by BIG & RICH
  9. Mr. Bake-O by ADAM SANDLER
  10. Long Burn The Fire by BEASTIE BOYS

Search For Fried Chicken

  1. On That Natural High by BIZZY BONE
  2. Comin' From Where I'm From by ANTHONY HAMILTON
  3. My World by AVRIL LAVIGNE
  4. I Shall Return by BILLY CURRINGTON