Search For Apple

  1. The Flies Know by ASLYN
  2. Brave In The Heart by BIG PUNISHER
  3. My Way Back by ADKINS, TRACE
  4. Pineapple Juice by ANDRE NICKATINA
  5. Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother by ABBA
  6. Appletree by BADU, ERYKAH
  7. Jump Shout Boogie by BARRY MANILOW
  8. My Favorite Things by BARRY MANILOW
  9. Apple Orchard by ANTLERS, THE
  10. Carbon by AMOS, TORI

Search For Oranges

  1. My I.Q. by ANI DIFRANCO
  2. Oranges On Apple Trees by A-HA

Search For Peach

  1. Southern Stuff by ANTHONY HAMILTON
  2. Face Good by ACE HOOD
  3. Died 4 U by BIZZY BONE
  4. Baskon by ARASH
  5. I Don't Like Mondays by AMOS, TORI
  6. She's So California by ADAM GREGORY
  7. Farmer's Daughter by ATKINS, RODNEY
  8. Make You Wanna Holla by BENZINO
  9. Pearls On A String by ADAMS, RYAN
  10. Peaches & Cream by BECK

Search For Grape

  1. Blown Away by BIZZY BONE
  3. We Don't Care by BIG PUNISHER
  4. Nobody Makes A Pass At Me by BARBRA STREISAND
  5. Nigga Shit by BIG PUNISHER
  6. Rag Doll by AEROSMITH
  7. Watch Your Bitches by BEANIE SIGEL
  8. Take Me I'm Yours by ANDREA CORR
  9. Shaggy's 15s by ANDRE NICKATINA
  10. Wine Me Up by ALLAN, GARY

Search For Banana

  1. Blue Beard by BAND OF HORSES
  2. Rhythm Sticks by BLACKALICIOUS
  3. Over Here Hustlin' by BIRDMAN
  4. Stretch & Bobbito '94 by BIG L
  5. 3 So What A.M. So What by ANDRE NICKATINA
  6. Nobody Liver by BENZINO
  7. Elevator Music by BECK
  8. Got To Give It Up by AALIYAH
  9. Something You'll Never Find by BARENAKED LADIES
  10. Twisted by BETTE MIDLER

Search For Lemon

  1. Space Dog by AMOS, TORI
  2. What The Hell Happened To Me? by ADAM SANDLER
  3. High Plains Drifter by BEASTIE BOYS
  4. It's Whatever by AALIYAH
  5. Rock The Spot by BLACKALICIOUS
  6. Black Spoon by AYO
  7. Don't Stop by BABY BASH
  8. The Roller by BEADY EYE
  9. Simple Things by ATKINS, RODNEY
  10. It's OK by BEACH BOYS