Search For Apple

  1. Change by BANKS, LLOYD
  2. You Ain't A Killer by BIG PUNISHER
  3. 5th Gear by ANDRE NICKATINA
  4. Apple Bush by ALICE COOPER
  5. Cake by B-52'S, THE
  6. Fag Hag by ALLEN, LILY
  7. The Chance Of Love by BEE GEES
  8. Your Neck by ALKALINE TRIO
  9. When Gentry Plays Guitar by ANDREWS, JESSICA
  10. I Hate Boys by AGUILERA, CHRISTINA

Search For Oranges

  1. My I.Q. by ANI DIFRANCO
  2. Oranges On Apple Trees by A-HA

Search For Peach

  1. Millennium Theater by ANI DIFRANCO
  2. Face Good by ACE HOOD
  3. A Southern Thing by BETTER THAN EZRA
  4. Country Boy's World by ALDEAN, JASON
  5. Southern Stuff by ANTHONY HAMILTON
  6. She's So California by ADAM GREGORY
  7. Return Of The Post Moderns by BETTER THAN EZRA
  8. It Takes Time To Build by BEASTIE BOYS
  9. She's Country by ALDEAN, JASON
  10. Some People by BETTE MIDLER

Search For Grape

  1. Muhammad My Friend by AMOS, TORI
  2. Rag Doll by AEROSMITH
  3. Wine Me Up by ALLAN, GARY
  4. Paid Vacation Time by AT THE DRIVE-IN
  5. Food Innuendo Guy by ADAM SANDLER
  6. Come On-A My House by BETTE MIDLER
  7. Cordurory Blues by ADAM SANDLER
  8. Nigga Shit by BIG PUNISHER
  9. Crinsk Dee Night by BEATLES, THE
  10. And It's Supposed To Be Love by AYO

Search For Banana

  1. Cherybananapumpkinpie by ANDRE NICKATINA
  3. All Star Chuck Taylors by ANDRE NICKATINA
  4. Blue Beard by BAND OF HORSES
  5. Say It by BEASTIE BOYS
  6. 3 So What A.M. So What by ANDRE NICKATINA
  7. Southside by BIRDMAN
  8. Let's Go by BARKER, TRAVIS
  9. Got To Give It Up by AALIYAH
  10. Food Innuendo Guy by ADAM SANDLER

Search For Lemon

  1. No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn by BEASTIE BOYS
  2. It's OK by BEACH BOYS
  3. Bubbalicious by BABY BASH
  4. Andre-N-Andre by ANDRE NICKATINA
  5. Freak Out Song by ALICE COOPER
  6. Don't Stop by BABY BASH
  7. Red Chair Fade Away by BEE GEES
  8. Shoe Salesman by ALICE COOPER
  9. Simple Things by ATKINS, RODNEY
  10. It's America by ATKINS, RODNEY