Search For I love you

  1. All I Need To Know by BETTE MIDLER
  2. You Gave Me Love by AMY GRANT
  3. I Love You by ASHANTI
  4. Hand In The Fire by BLACK, CLINT
  6. Easier Said Than Done by ANGIE STONE
  7. Don't Turn Around by ACE OF BASE
  8. Wally by ASLYN
  9. In The Musicals by BJORK
  10. Just The Way You Are by BILLY JOEL
  11. Shining Star by BETTE MIDLER
  12. I Need You by ALICIA KEYS
  13. Extra Ordinary by BETTER THAN EZRA
  14. For You Blue by BEATLES, THE
  15. Something To Believe In by ADAMS, BRYAN
  16. Ghosts In My Machine by ANNIE LENNOX
  17. Telephone by BADU, ERYKAH
  18. The Things I Didn't Do by ALPHAVILLE
  19. Mother by ASHANTI
  20. These Words by BEDINGFIELD, NATASHA
  22. Breakin' Down by BEN HARPER
  23. Don't Forget To Remember by BEE GEES
  24. Chains by ARENA, TINA
  25. Just Remember I Love You by BARRY MANILOW

Search For Affection

  1. Kickin' Wing, Animal Doctor by ATTACK ATTACK!
  2. Betrayal / Forgiveness by APOCALYPTICA
  4. Seventeen by ALEXA VEGA
  5. States Of Matter by AVANTASIA
  6. Story Of A Boy by BETWEEN THE TREES
  7. Oh Well by APPLE, FIONA
  8. Waking Up by BETHANY DILLON
  9. No Direction by BAD RELIGION
  10. Depend On Me by ADAMS, BRYAN
  11. Who'd Have Known by ALLEN, LILY
  12. C'etait Toi (You Were The One) by BILLY JOEL
  13. Cry Just A Little by AVANTASIA
  14. Kitty Kat by BEYONCE KNOWLES
  15. 3-Minute Rule by BEASTIE BOYS
  16. Tell Me You Love Me by AMERIE
  17. Make Me Feel by AMANDA PEREZ
  18. Devil In The Belfry by AVANTASIA
  19. Liza by BILL WITHERS
  20. Real Live Girl by BARRY MANILOW
  21. Sleepwalking by BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, THE
  22. I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers by ALISON KRAUSS
  23. Walk To The Bay by ANOUK
  24. Angels by ARCHULETA, DAVID
  25. Someday Soon by BATTISTELLI, FRANCESCA

Search For Longing for You

  1. Crush On You by AARON CARTER
Longing for You AARON CARTER Crush On You

Search For Adore

  1. How Can That Be? by BEN LEE
  2. No One by ANTHONY, MARC
  3. Love Is Like A New Born Child by BARBRA STREISAND
  4. The Music That Makes Me Dance by BARBRA STREISAND
  5. Angels We Have Heard On High by AGUILERA, CHRISTINA
  6. Progress by BAD RELIGION
  7. You Wanted More by A-HA
  8. Holy, Holy, Holy by AMY GRANT
  9. O' Come All Ye Faithful by AIR SUPPLY
  10. Ellos Son Asi by ALEJANDRO SANZ
  11. Infatuation by AGUILERA, CHRISTINA
  12. Dedicate by AMANDA PEREZ
  13. I Refuse by AALIYAH
  14. Come To Me by BJORK
  15. My Eyes Adored You by BARRY MANILOW
  16. Appaloosa by BLACK CROWES, THE
  17. I Never Wanted by AS I LAY DYING
  18. Adore by ALEX PARKS
  19. Stupid World by APARTMENT 26
  20. Seven Seas by BABYFACE
  21. Girls Do, Boys Don't by BARDOT
  22. Brotha (Remix) by ANGIE STONE
  23. That Kind Of Girl by BECKHAM, VICTORIA
  24. Favorite Girl by BIEBER, JUSTIN
  25. Let's Put Our Hearts Together by BEACH BOYS

Search For Love Affair

  1. Kisses Of Fire by ABBA
  2. Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) by BEE GEES
  3. Wasted & Ready by BEN KWELLER
  4. Take A Chance On Me by ABBA
  5. Had Enough by AVANT
  6. Perfect by ALL 4 ONE
  7. Every Woman Has A Name by ALICE COOPER
  8. Certainly (Flipped It) by BADU, ERYKAH
  9. The Press Corpse by ANTI-FLAG
  10. Lay All Your Love On Me by ABBA
  11. Love In An Elevator by AEROSMITH
  12. Legal Man by BELLE & SEBASTIAN
  13. Lick And A Promise by AEROSMITH
  14. New Fool by ALISON KRAUSS
  15. Burn Georgia Burn by ALABAMA
  16. Walls Keep Saying Your Name by BEXTOR, SOPHIE ELLIS
  17. Sometimes by BADU, ERYKAH
  18. One Night Love Affair by ADAMS, BRYAN
  19. Sista Sista by BEVERLEY KNIGHT
  20. Here Today by BEACH BOYS
  21. Should I Stay by BILLY RAY CYRUS
  22. More In Love With You by BARBRA STREISAND
  23. Feel Your Pain by BENZINO
  24. One Night by BAD COMPANY
  25. Boyfriend by BIG TIME RUSH

Search For Two Lovers

  1. She's No Good by BASEMENT JAXX
  2. Over Exposure by AFI
  3. Nothing On But The Radio by ALLAN, GARY
  4. Here In The Real World by ALAN JACKSON
  5. Charade by BEE GEES
  6. The Shady Grove by BLACK CROWES, THE
  7. If You Were Gone by ALEXANDER RYBAK
  8. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing by BARRY MANILOW
  9. When It Hurts by AVANT
  10. Rhythm (A Bridge So Far) by BILLY SQUIER
  11. As Time Goes By by BARBRA STREISAND
  13. Hi And Goodbye by A-TEENS
  14. Dine, Dine My Darling by ALKALINE TRIO