Search For Surprise you

  1. Ribbons Undone by AMOS, TORI
  2. The Girl Is On To You by BETTE MIDLER
  3. Ann Disaster by BEN KWELLER
  5. Nothing Much Happens by BEN LEE
  6. You Don't Love Me by ANGIE STONE
  7. Shy by ANI DIFRANCO
  8. Booooom, Blast And Ruin by BIFFY CLYRO
  9. Brush Away by ALICE IN CHAINS
  10. Surprises by BILLY JOEL
  11. Asking Too Much by ANI DIFRANCO

Search For Surprise Me

  1. You Don't Send Me by BELLE & SEBASTIAN
  2. Nowhere Fast by BLACKALICIOUS
  3. She Gave Good Sunflower by BLACK CROWES, THE
  4. Warrior by BANKS, LLOYD

Search For Marvel

  1. Millionaire Dream by BIG TYMERS
  2. Alphabet Aerobics by BLACKALICIOUS
  3. Off The Books by BIG PUNISHER
  4. Top Of Tha Line Nigga (Vol. 2 version) by BIG TYMERS
  5. Congratulation, I Hate You by ALESANA
  6. Love Like Rockets by ANGELS & AIRWAVES
  7. Solamente Una Vez by ANDREA BOCELLI
  8. Top Of Tha Line Nigga by BIG TYMERS
  9. Congratulations, I Hate You by ALESANA
  11. Where Is The Wonder? by BARBRA STREISAND
  12. Smithzonian Institute Of Rhyme by BLACKALICIOUS
  13. Heaven's Bright Shore by ALISON KRAUSS
  14. All Neon Like by BJORK
  15. Continual Praise by ADAMS, YOLANDA
  16. Your Move by BLACKALICIOUS
  17. Rhythm N Flow by AGGRO SANTOS
  18. The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill by BEATLES, THE
  19. Searching by BLACKALICIOUS
  20. If You Find Yourself Caught In Love by BELLE & SEBASTIAN
  21. Just Like That by ABBA
  22. Smack That by AKON
  23. Is That All There Is? by BETTE MIDLER

Search For Astonish

  1. Mr. Majesty II by BIZZY BONE
  2. Cliff Hanger by BLACKALICIOUS
  3. Your Move by BLACKALICIOUS
  5. Protect Me by BEENIE MAN
  6. Big Noise From Winnetka - Divine Madness Version by BETTE MIDLER
  7. Passion by BLACKALICIOUS

Search For Pleasant Surprise

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Search For Shocker

  1. 45 Caliber Raps by ANDRE NICKATINA
  2. Horse & Carriage (Remix) by BALTIMORE, CHARLI
  3. BarberShop Talk (The Explanation) by BEI MAEJOR
  4. Whack Rappers by AFROMAN