Search For Yellow Sun

  1. The Devil In Stitches by BAD RELIGION
  2. The Shady Grove by BLACK CROWES, THE
  3. 12 J's Of Christmas by AFROMAN
  4. Big Yellow Sun (Remix) by ALPHAVILLE
  5. Weather by AMEL LARRIEUX

Search For Yellow

  1. Afraid Not Scared by ADAMS, RYAN
  2. The Devil In Stitches by BAD RELIGION
  3. Brokenhearted Day by ASLYN
  4. The Bandstand by A-HA
  5. Girls by AFROMAN
  6. Famous by AUBURN
  7. Beethoven (Live) by ALPHAVILLE
  8. Revolution 9 by BEATLES, THE
  9. Stranger by BANKS, LLOYD
  10. Rock The Party (Young Heff Remix) by BENZINO
  11. Heavy by BLACK CROWES, THE
  12. White Crosses by AGAINST ME!
  13. Sep Seven Game Show Theme by ATMOSPHERE
  14. Toast by AMOS, TORI
  15. I'm Just A Man by ALDEAN, JASON
  16. Alligator Blood by ANDRE NICKATINA
  17. Love Train by BIG & RICH
  18. You Don't Belong by BAD RELIGION
  19. Pictures On Your Skin by ANOUK
  20. Mr. Goldstone by BETTE MIDLER
  21. Some Other Guy by BEATLES, THE
  22. Someone's Baby Now by AUGUSTANA
  23. On My Highway by ALDEAN, JASON
  25. House Arrest by ADAMS, BRYAN

Search For Amarillo

  1. Amarillo by ALAN JACKSON
  2. Amarillo Sky by ALDEAN, JASON
  3. Fly Over States by ALDEAN, JASON
  4. Jalapeno by BIG & RICH

Search For Old Gold

  1. School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) by BEACH BOYS

Search For Yolk

  1. You Were Meant For Me by BELLEFIRE

Search For Yellow Light

  1. Brokenhearted Day by ASLYN
  2. Afraid Not Scared by ADAMS, RYAN