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    Because I Got High 2000 ©

    Graveyard Shift

    "Is night shift okay with you?"
    "Hey, well you got yourself a job, homie"

    Graveyard shift ain't never dead
    We go to work when people go to bed
    We got a tremendous work overload
    The boss don't care about the dress code

    So, if your hair's messed up, come on in
    Nobody don't care 3 o'clock in the mornin'
    I'm fantasizin' about a six fo'
    Broke as hell, moppin' the flo

    I don't know but I gots the hunch
    (What's that?)
    That it's almost time for lunch
    Smokin' cigarettes in the parkin' lot
    All the homies tellin' lies 'bout the women they got

    Nobody gets offended at a racial joke
    Everybody's laughin', tryin' to stay woke
    We takin' it easy though times are hard
    Pullin' practical jokes on the security guard

    And if you come late, the boss won't boot ya
    Standin' 'round, talkin' 'bout the future
    Don't even trip if you feel tired
    Take a little nap, you won't get fired

    Drink a little beer , smoke you a spliff
    (Beer, spliff)
    Nobody cares on the graveyard shift
    (Uh, yeah, yeah, uh, uh)

    Party, on the graveyard shift
    (Yeah, party)
    Party, on the graveyard shift
    (Oh yeah, alright now)
    (You don't have to slave)
    You don't have to slave too hard on the graveyard

    Hey, yeah, uh
    My name is Joseph Foreman, they call me, 'Fro
    I worked at the neighborhood grocery store
    We actin' crazy like a bunch of kids
    Playin' frisbee with the trash can lids

    When the boss man comes, baby we don't run
    He's a fool like us just tryin' to have fun
    Graveyard shift is a little bit prouder
    Play the radio just a little bit louder

    DJ playin' that midnight mix
    Dance contest on isle number six
    Bumpin' that old school too short rhyme
    Got the homeboys in a soul train line

    If you wanna act crazy, go ahead and be wild
    If you wanna rap, go ahead and freestyle
    Graveyard shift, you just can't beat it
    If you get hungry, grab something and eat it

    Drinkin' in the back with my home girl
    The beer's on the house from the corporate world
    Act like a fool 'til the break of dawn
    Yellin' curse words on the intercom

    Drag racin' with the fork lift
    Nobody cares on the graveyard shift
    (You know what I'm sayin'? Ha)

    Party on the graveyard shift
    (Yeah, everyday)
    Party on the graveyard shift
    (Alright, yeah)
    (You don't have to slave, oh yeah)
    You don't have to slave too hard on the graveyard
    (Break it down, fellas)
    Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh

    I never would work on daytime
    Graveyard shift is my play time
    Daytime jobs are flaky
    Daytime jobs are shaky like Jello Gelatin
    (What? Gelatin)

    So, I work graveyard shift like a skeleton
    An afro-classic is what I am
    I drive to work without a traffic jam
    Everybody on the graveyard is like my brother
    Always lookin' out for each other

    Speak up fo' ya like I lawyer
    If you come late, we'll punch the clock fo' ya
    We gots no money but we got pride
    If you car break down I'll give you a ride

    'Cause the corporate world is oh so cold
    To the people at the bottom of the totem pole
    Divided we fall, together we stand
    What you need? Get it from the Afroman

    I'm not a thief but I got the hook up
    For the barbecue ribs you wanna cook up
    And if you need somebody to get drunk with
    Call the homeboys from the graveyard shift
    (Dedicated to all the blue collar workers
    Strugglin', strivin', throbbin', thrivin')

    Party on the graveyard shift
    (If the boss lookin' for me
    I'm in my car asleep, you know what I'm sayin'?)
    Party on the graveyard shift
    (Hey, so watch my back
    'Cuz tap on the window or something, ha, ha)
    You don't have to slave too hard on the graveyard
    Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh

    Happiness is hard to find
    Happiness is a state of mind
    It can't be found in fame or wealth
    It's found real deep inside yourself

    Brothers, stop singin' the blues
    Throw parties and barbecues
    Don't destroy your life, enjoy your life
    Play with your kids and make love to your wife

    Drink a little beer, don't smoke no crack
    Have a good time before Christ comes back
    Keep your head high, keep your back stiff
    I'll see you Sunday night for the graveyard shift

    Party on the graveyard shift
    Party on the graveyard shift
    You don't have to slave too hard on the graveyard
    Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh

    (Hey, check this out loco)
    No dental plan, no Medicare
    (Graveyard, graveyard)
    Said no vacation, the man don't care
    (Graveyard, graveyard)
    Ain't got no union no respect
    (Graveyard, graveyard)

    Dirty uniforms and a short paycheck
    (Graveyard, graveyard)
    Workin' minimum wage everyday
    (Graveyard, graveyard)
    We gotta get over some kinda way
    (Come on man)

    2000 ©

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